Saturday, 1 October 2011


KEN ARTS, dedicated pensioner activist
"To boldly go..."
It is with sadness and regret that FAC announces the death of Ken Arts, chairman of Barrow & Furness Pensioners' Association, member of Barrow Peace Council and activist member of Furness Against the Cuts.

 Ken belonged to that rare breed of human being - a person of principle, of selfless dedication and quiet determination yet who was not averse to taking to task with dogged persistence the 'important' and the 'self-inflated' leaders of this community.  He constantly sought the truth and gleefully exposed the liars and hypocrites.  His contribution to the task of working for a fairer and more just society will be sorely missed by FAC, Barrow Peace Council, B&FPA and the wider community.  We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife, Margie,(secretary of B&FPA) and his son, Keir.

Ken and Margie provided consistent support in the early campaigns, promoting the People's Charter to defend jobs, pensions, our Welfare State and our National Health Service a full year before the establishment of Furness Against the Cuts. They then joined the Steering Group of FAC. Margie has vowed to continue her work in B&FPA and FAC.

We are pleased the local paper, NW Evening Mail, printed Margie's moving tribute to her late husband in an article by reporter Molly Lynch in its edition of Saturday 1st October.

Ken's last campaign, Dalton Road, Barrow Sat 27 August    

The value of life lies not in the length of days but in the use you make of them; he has lived for a long time who has little lived. Whether you have lived enough depends not on the number of years but on your will.
MONTAIGNE 1533 - 1592

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