Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Promoting the Public Meeting,  Dalton Road, 1st October
Four members of the FAC steering group attended the stall set up on Dalton Road from 10am until 12 noon to publicise the Public Meeting being held at The Forum from 7.30 until 9.30pm on Thursday 6th October.  This would be the last opportunity to promote the event and it was 'enlivened' by a couple of incidents that demonstrate some local trends.

The first  occured when, shortly after setting up beside a store with large 'blanked out' windows, a place we had used on two previous occasions, the female manager appeared and demanded we move away as "You are blocking my windows."  There is nothing to see in the said windows but we immediately agreed to move and began gathering up our bits and pieces whilst she continued to protest about blocking her windows. (See posting of 1st Oct 'Tribute to local pensioner activist' and the photograph at the bottom to view the blocked windows)   So the stall was then set up at the Workers' Statue which, incidently, meant we were then directly facing the entrance to her shop.

The second occured when I mentioned that the government was laying plans to bring cheap foreign labour into Britain, mainly from India, and this would have consequences for workers in Britain.  Some woman called out "Fascist!" and this was taken up by one or two others - including an ethnic minority shopkeeper who threatened to call the police.  Two members of FAC steering group (one of whom announced he was secretary of the local Unite Against Fascism) also thought the remark was 'racist'.  Well, at least this demonstrated that people were listening to what was being said and it was, in one sense, encouraging that they were alert to anything they perceived to be 'racist' and were willing to condemn it.  

On the other hand, it was a bit sinister - I was providing them with factual information (Mode 4 - a deal being worked between our government and the government of India for skilled technical workers in India to come to Britain) that was recognised by the TUC to be a serious threat to workers in Britain.  But I had mentioned 'India', 'Cheap labour', 'Immigration' and 'Threat to jobs', and these were 'triggers' that got some people agitated.  They were not interested in the facts of the matter - they were only interested in sporting their anti-fascist credentials.  However, what they were actually publicly exposing was their total ignorance of what the governments of Britain and India were up to. 

Why did I find their response sinister?  Well, hypnotists use certain words to 'trigger' a response in a hypnotised subject.  If they plant the word 'chicken' in a sentence, then the hypnotised individual will behave like a chicken.  Similarly, Pavlov famously conditioned dogs to 'dribble' in expectation of a meal whenever a bell was rung - even when they did not actually receive food.  Now, I mention an actual FACT but the truth doesn't matter because I have used words that triggered an automatic response - and I find to that be particularly disturbing.

The point that escaped their over-heated brains was that bringing these workers into Britain will be a gift to the likes of the BNP and EDL - yet I am the 'fascist' for warning about it!  Work that one out - if you can.

Anyway, in the next posting I'll see if I can provide a scanned copy of the TUC document on Mode 4 to enable everyone to read it.  

"Brother,  can you spare a dime?"        

In the meantime, here's a vision of Britain that Tories dream about recreating - and if enough people don't rise up and stop them, it will become a reality: no work, no Welfare State, no National Health Service and reduced to begging on the street.

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