Sunday, 25 September 2011


America, Japan, and the European countries are in crisis, so we are informed.  It is indeed a crisis for the members of the population who are not billionaires or even multi-millionaires and now see their jobs being threatened, benefits being slashed or stopped altogether, and services upon which we rely for our health and wellbeing being sold off to the highest private bidder who is in it to make a fortune for the shareholders.  The need for profit placed before the needs of people.

Several Furness people will be attending the TUC organised march past the Conservative Party's conference in Manchester as detailed in the poster above.  Sadly, the Furness contingent has not been organised by Barrow Trades Union Council, Ulverston Trades Union Council, or any of the unions in Cumbria and will travel to Manchester by car.  It is also sad that the Trade Union Congress has organised this event yet it is studiously and collectively ignored by local trade unions and their members, leaving it up to a few individuals to use their own initiative and act independently.  
I cannot think of a better example than this to illustrate the degree of universal union apathy in Furness in particular and Cumbria in general.

Bearing in mind that trade unionists are supposed to be the most 'class' and politically savvy members of the general population, then it follows the level of political understanding possessed by the vast majority of the general population here in Furness must be close to zero because, if trade union members don't 'get it', what hope is there for ordinary members of the public?

But efforts are being made to encourage people to join together to consider the options - to take action to resist the cuts or to roll over and take what comes.  It is here that everyone has a choice: what's yours going to be?  Before you decide, have a look at the following and listen.
*Michael Moore Joins Labor Protests: "America Is Not Broke" - YouTube
then look at
*pete seeger which side are you on - YouTube
finally, have a look at
*Labor Day - Solidarity Forever - YouTube
*Please note - these are not links. You'll have to log in to YouTube then enter each one in the search box.  The usual 'link' facility works but the videos are listed as 'unavailable' when clicked on - which is why you will have to go to YouTube to see/download them.

Given that the agent of our MP has announced John Woodcock will not be present at the 6th October public meeting (no reason provided) and that neither will any local trade union representative it is reasonable to ask of them "Which side are you on?"  Are they on the side of the bankers and financiers who have, aided and abetted by New Labour and encouraged by the ConDem government, returned to their seats to play 'casino economics' once again  (with OUR money!), or are they on the side of those who did nothing to cause the economic crisis: workers, the young, the elderly, the sick and disabled and the unemployed?  Keeping your head down and muttering about how awful things are is not acceptable.
           "WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?"

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