Thursday, 5 April 2012


Barrow Soroptimists on Jubilee Bridge      


Barrow Soroptimists were joined by members from Windermere for a gathering on Jubilee Bridge, Barrow, to mark International Women's Day.   The mayor, councillor John Murphy and his wife, the deputy mayor, attended the event but had to leave for another engagement after the photo opportunity provided by the local press photographer.
Around twentyfive women and one solitary male were present on what was a cold, wet and miserable afternoon, and stood exposed to the wind and the rain for just over one hour.
The Soroptimists are a 'women only' organisation and campaign on issues that are of specific concern to women but they often hold events to which men are invited.  Barrow Soroptimists meet on the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month at Michaelson House, Fairfield Lane, from 7pm and any woman is welcome to attend.
No other organisation in Barrow arranged any commemorative event for the occasion and, had it not been for  the Soroptimists, the day would have passed by without notice just like other special days pass by such as 28th April (Workers' Memorial Day), 1st May (May Day - Workers' Day of International Solidarity), 6th and 9th August (Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days), 21st September (UN International Day of Peace) or 1st October (International Day for the Elderly), for example.

Although it was impossible to hold the usual Greengate Street planning meeting at the beginning of this month it is hoped there will be some type of FAC activity in the town centre before the end of this month but this will depend upon how many persons will be available to support an event.  
The next Planning Meeting of Furness Against the Cuts is due to be held at Greengate Children's Centre, Greengate Street, from 6.30 until 7.30pm on Wednesday 2nd May.  ALL WHO ARE AGAINST GOVERNMENT CUTS ARE WELCOME
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Portland Walk, Barrow,  Saturday 10th March
A combination of wet weather and the illness of a couple of anti-cuts campaigners meant that the activity in the town centre was reduced to just two persons distributing People's Charter leaflets at the entrance to the indoor market from 10am until 12 noon on Saturday 10th March.

Surprisingly, the event turned out to be especially fruitful in terms of leaflet distribution and engaging in conversation with individuals and couples who were shopping in Portland Walk.  Most shoppers were of pensionable age and some were disabled but not many young, able-bodied people were about and, of those that were, very few accepted a leaflet willingly.

Unless Barrow Trades Union Council, individual unions, charities and community organisations finally decide to lend their voices to the local campaign then Furness Against the Cuts cannot be sustained for much longer.  If FAC folds then there will be no sign of any local resistence to the Con-Dem government's austerity measures.  Unfortunately, each individual organisation seems hell-bent on working alone, having a one-off, small and very brief protest and then 'disappearing back into the woodwork.'  Just what they think this approach will actually achieve in the long-term is never disclosed.

The Easter holiday has caused cancellation of the April Planning Meeting at Greengate Children's Centre so the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd May.

It is noted that no support for the anti-cuts campaign was offered by any delegate attending the meeting of Barrow Trades Union Council held on Tuesday 3rd April.