Friday, 2 November 2012


What ought to have been the Annual General Meeting of the Barrow and Furness Pensioners' Association turned out to be an extended ordinary meeting - including an invited speaker who talked about aspects of the work of Age UK in Barrow - and this left no time for discussion on Matters Arising from the previous AGM or for any propositions that could have resulted in important changes to the Constitution.  The rot has truly penetrated the structure of this organisation.

I shall be resigning from B&FPA in November and devoting my time and effort in areas where there is at least some degree of opposition to this government and to the weakness of the party of opposition.  However, should it ever arise that members of B&FPA are to take action in the town I will attend and give such assistance as I can.  Something tells me my services will never be called upon.

I salute the secretary, Margie Arts, who works tirelessly for the organisation and keeps the members informed even though members never actually use that information to achieve anything of significance.  I also salute the memory of Ken Arts, husband of Margie and  chairman of the association who regularly, in all weathers, campaigned on the high street against the cuts until just a few weeks before his death.  And the members of B&FPA were content to let him get on with it whilst they sat at home infront of their TVs munching biscuits and slurping tea.  If the members had any sense of shame they'd be out on the street campaigning in honour of their former chairman. But they have not, so they are not.

It is with regret I predict B&FPA will only continue to exist if it changes its name to Barrow and Furness Pensioners' Fun Club and erases all reference to 'campaigning' from its constitution.

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