Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Activists took to the main shopping street of Barrow in Furness with a street stall and petition from 10am until 12 noon on Saturday 30th April.

The message of the campaign was received well by members of the general public who willingly accepted People's Charter leaflets and many signed the petition in favour of an alternative economic strategy to that imposed by the ConDem government.

It should be remembered that the People's Charter was unanimously endorsed by the 2009 conference of the Trade Union Congress.  The TUC frequently issues campaign materials to the various affiliated unions and urges branches to mount and support local anti-cuts campaigns and has done so for the past two years.  

The Northern Region TUC maintains regular newsletters reporting on initiatives by unions taking action against the cuts in the North East and also here in Cumbria. 

Union led anti cuts action has met with some success in Carlisle, Workington and Whitehaven but no unions have actively engaged in the south of the county - Barrow, Ulverston and Kendal.  However, concerned individuals fed up with waiting for the unions to emerge from hibernation have taken the initiative and campaigns are now underway in Barrow and Kendal.

Activists are keen to point out that local union branches, community associations, charities,
and voluntary organisations have been invited to join the campaign against the cuts but, to date, have chosen not to respond.  Perhaps, once the imposed austerity measures really begin to bite, they will rouse from their stupor.

"Either stand and fight or learn to forever live on your knees." It's a simple enough message.

Steering Group planning meetings are held from 6.30 til 7.30pm at Greengate Children's Centre, Barrow, on the first Wednesday of the month.  
Email: furnessanticuts@btinternet.com

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